How to Fold a Pop-up Tent

As much as pop-up tents are great outdoor companions due to their ease of set up and adequate space, some people find it hard to fold them up after use. The tent will either need to be stored or transported after the outdoor activity. Therefore, you need to learn some skills on how to fold a pop-up tent. The poles must first be wrapped together and on top of each other, an action that collapses the tent forming a circle. It is then sealed and transported or sealed and stored until it will be needed again. With some of the folding techniques, it becomes easier for everyone to easily and quickly fold the tent until it can be required again.

How to Fold a Pop up Tent

Skills on how to fold a pop-up tent

Clean It Up Before Folding

In several instances, all that is needed is shaking off the pine needles, or dirt off the tent. This is mainly done when no dirt has stuck in the tent. However, the tent folds are the areas that are most susceptible to dust or debris. Pouring off the debris will require you first to tip the tent. Acquire some powdered laundry detergent and pour it on the canvas. Use a moist rag to clean off the tent and the powder detergent. Nevertheless, the tent should not be stored when dumb to avoid the growth of molds.

Start by Folding Together the Two Top Poles

When standing beside a tent, the ridges to the right and left of the tent’s top are the poles. During folding, it is recommended to stretch the arms such that you can reach both sides and then pull them such that they come together.

Bottom Poles Should Be Folded Together

Towards the right and the left of the tent, the outer edges that stick out from the tent are the bottom poles. However, both of them must be reached out. First, reach out to one of the bottom poles and fold it such that it goes directly over the top poles. Reach out to the other bottom pole and do the same such that you will be having all the base and top poles in your arms. To let out air, the door should be left open.

Stand It Up On Its Sides

When you fold the tent, it will mimic the shape of a huge taco. Do not let go of the sides of the canvas. Flip it onto its side. Move the tent such that the open edges in the shape of a taco are placed on the ground.

The Top Poles Should Be Folded On the Back Hand

While still having the edges on your hands, stretch out the hands and grab the tent’s uppermost part. Reach out for the taco’s back and bring it towards your other hand. The tent should then be wrestled until it flattens on the ground. The tent has light poles; thus, it will be easy to bring the tent to the ground. Also, the flexibility of the poles ensures that they do not easily break.

Slides the Halves of the Tent Together

A correctly folded tent looks like two circles of fabric folded side by side. Pick each of the sides and place them over each other for more comfortable transportation.

Press and Seal the Bag

The way pop-ups are designed helps them spring back to a tent formation. Therefore, it is essential to hold the poles firmly. Use your knees and hands to press down the tent and get rid of air that has been trapped in the tent that could inhibit it from lying flat. Put the tent into its bag and wait for the next outdoor activity.

Folding a Beach Tent

Shake off the Debris

First and foremost, you are required to clean your tent before folding it. For a beach tent, tip it over and shake it to get rid of any trapped sand or dirt. The pole that passes over the entrance to the other side is the closest. Grab the tent from both sides and leave the door open, especially if it has a cover. Unlike other tents, beach tents tend to be smaller, and there are no poles that cross the tent’s width. It is easy to fold, and it can be used as a practice tool if you have a problem properly folding other types of tents.

Fold the Tent’s sides together.

Hold one side of the tent and pull it towards the center. Press it against the ground until it flattens. While holding down that side, grab the other one and pull it over the one on the ground. The two sides should form an oval-shaped structure.

Turn it over and Hold it flat on the Ground

Flip over the tent so that it settles on its edge. Press down the center of the edge. As the tent flattens, it changes to figure 8. On the side of the canvas, place one hand to help the tent move towards the ground.

Fold the Tent Over on Itself

Continue holding the tent to avoid it springing into shape if you release it. Hold one of the tent’s side and bring it over the other side to form a circular shape. Avoid losing grip of the tent by resting a knee on it. The flexibility of the poles will prevent them from breaking.

Pack Up the Tent

After folding, the tent needs to be packed up. If there was an elastic band that came with the tent, use it to wrap the tent to keep it in a folded shape. Slip the tent into its bag. If the poles stick out, tuck them in. Zip the bag and wait until the next activity.


Pop-up tents are some of the best tents in the market because they are easy to set up and fold. They do not require the knowledge of rocket science to fold. They can be used for practice by people who have no idea of how to wrap other types of tents. However, it is essential to have the knowledge and skills required to fold pop-up tents after outdoor activity.